The third volume in this bestselling series,
The Kichels 3 has over 80 pages of comics and is packed with
exclusive bonus content, including a peek into the design process,
behind-the-scenes secrets, a journey to the Kichels’ past, and more!
A Card Game For People
Who Like Hilarious Hints,
Frenetic Guessing, Inept Acting,
And Buckets of Fun
The Kichels are back!
Get ready for more laughs with the family just like yours.
Featuring 90 pages of Kichel comics and bonus strips,
behind the scenes, and more.
Twisted Kichels Game

Match cards and wits in this hilarious
fun-filled family game. A fabulous game
of wacky pairings, laugh-out-loud play,
and cholent jokes

Read all about everyone’s favorite family!
The bestselling compilation of all the
Kichels strips you know and love—plus
exclusive bonus Kichel material!