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Bracha Stein

Bracha has been writing and editing ever since she discovered that she could parlay her lifelong love of reading and language into a career. (Also, it was literally the only thing anyone would pay her to do.) Before joining Mishpacha, Bracha worked as a writer and editor for a variety of academic clients, with a special focus on building literacy and education. With a penchant for pedantry, a passion for prose, and an unfortunate tendency to over-alliterate, Bracha enjoys harnessing the power of language to create worlds and forge connections.

Bracha lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children. She thinks puns should be outlawed.

Chanie Judowitz
Chani has been drawing since preschool, where she impressed her teachers with her artistic renderings of giraffes and dancing bears. As she grew older, her artistic taste matured, and she began creating more marketable artwork.

Chani has been working in illustration for 8 years. She currently lives in Lakewood, NJ, with her husband and children, who–as paradigms of perfection–never serve as any inspiration for the Kichels’ antics.
Meet rochi
Rochi profile
Thanks so much for thinking of Rochi! Rochi is really an amaaaazing girl. She’s very sincere and growing, but she’s also normal and grounded. She’s bright but not overly intellectual, a lot of fun but not too loud. She’s a bit reserved but not quiet, and she has a heart of gold.She is looking for a serious learner and her parents are very machshiv Torah and will try to be very supportive, if you know what I mean. You can click here to request her shidduch profile. And we’re sorry, but she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing her picture for shidduch purposes.