Why We Kichel

“What’s your goal when creating the Kichels?” is the thoughtful, insightful question that reporters have never asked us while they’re busy not interviewing us. Thanks for nothing, reporters. The answer is simple: while our strips are wrapped in a beguiling cloak of humor, our ultimate goal is to shed light on our society and illuminate some […]

Shaping a Kichel

Hi! It’s Chani, hijacking the blog to talk about my design process. By now we’re all used to the way the Kichel characters appear–aren’t they a part of our families? But when we were first getting started with the strip, I put a lot of thought into their appearances–face shape, build, hair color. All of […]

Research: It’s for the books. And us

Today I thought we should talk about the importance of education. Pay attention in class, boys and girls–or you too may end up writing comic strips. I still remember the first research report I ever did, in fifth grade. I listened carefully to my teacher’s explanations: This is a primary source. This is a secondary […]

Reader Gallery

Back when we were still in the early planning stages of our new book, Bracha’s awesome and wise nephew, Meshulam Myers, came up with a great idea. “Why don’t you put in a How To Draw guide to teach kids how to draw the Kichels?” he suggested. We thought that was a great idea (especially […]